5 simple web design tips

Posted: 26-06-18

It’s like everyone has a website now right? With cheap hosting and content management systems like Wordpress and Joomla, anyone can create their own site with relative ease. So how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? And importantly, how do you improve the web design to make things easier for all your users?

1 - Navigation

This will be one of the first places your users will click. It needs to be clean and easy to read. Try using descriptive terms for your links as this will help users and search engines to navigate with ease. If you have a lot of menu items then the use of sub-menus is very important. Declutter as much as possible!

2 - Social Media

Linking your website to your social media accounts is very simple nowadays. If you are using a CMS then this ability comes with most systems by default, although there are thousands of plugins available to help with this too. You should write all of your content to your site, and then share that across your social media accounts. Not only are you promoting your business/website across multiple platforms but you are also boosting your SEO which will make it a lot easier for new customers to find you in a search engine.

3 - Mobile friendly

With the advent of the smartphone, more and more web browsing is done on a small screen. This can create all sorts of issues with your website unless you’re properly prepared. You will find plenty of CMS themes available that will provide mobile support, and they can provide a quick fix to the problem. However, these cannot account for all types of content so you may need the help of a web designer to perfect the mobile design.

4 - Testimonials

We all love a good review! And if you have some then you really need to share it around. Reading positive feedback for your business can only be a good thing. It gives your potential customers confidence in your products/services and promotes your brand in a positive way.

5 - Keep it clean

Most websites start out clean and simple, but as new content gets added or new menu items appear, you may find your pages becoming cluttered. Try and keep all new content in the same style as previous works. Using the same fonts and structure throughout your site can help, and if you are using a CMS then you can create templates for specific types of content. This allows you to keep a thread of consistency in all of your work.


Just following some, or all of these tips can help improve not only your website design, but also its presence on the internet. Increasing your google rankings will lead to more potential customers, which leads to more testimonials, which leads to even more customers. And who doesn't want that?