AS3: Darts Scorer

Posted: 26-06-18

I love darts! I love watching and playing, although I'm not any good. A few years ago whilst playing in my shed I was using various darts scorer apps, and whilst they were ok I thought I could make a better one. As an ex Flash developer my preferred language was AS3, an object orientated upgrade of the old AS2 scripting language.

The objective

I needed a scorer with a graphical interface which gave you the option of manually entering your score, or you could "throw" darts at the board and the score would be calculated for you. It also needed certain game options. 301 and 501 game types were needed, and you also needed a 2 player option for games. Scores had to be show on the blackboard and when you were down for a finish, it should tell you what you needed to score to win.

Why Flash?

I had been a Flash developer almost since it's release, and over the years has become an expert in AS2. AS3 was released around the same time as the blacklash against Flash started, and almost all new stuff coming out was AS3 based. So I could either learn OOP or just carry on "scripting". The differences between AS2 and AS3 were massive, and the learning curve was more of a vertical line than a curve. Basically, throw away everything you've learnt and start again! I do love a challenge!

Check it out

You can try out the scorer below if you have Flash enabled. Unfortunately this won't work on mobile, so if you want to try it you will have to use a PC. For those worried about the security (one of the main reasons for the demise of Flash) then I can only assure you that it's safe and is exactly what I described. You must hit enter after each turn or the score will not be recorded.

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