GiftSharer – Video Design

Posted: 26-06-18

The guys at GiftSharer needed a video to explain how their new, charity donation-sharing service worked. They had a really good idea of what they were after, and had already obtained a voice-over, imagery and a storyboard...

...What they needed now was an easy to watch, yet informative video design about how simple it was to use the GiftSharer service and also how it can benefit charities across the UK.

We used the latest video design techniques to create a bespoke animation that shows the simplicity of the service, as well as the benefits possible for the charities involved. Working closely with the client helped this project run very smoothly. Constant updates, and clear communication meant less amendments (there are always amendments) and a quicker delivery time.

It was a great project to work on and everyone hopes it can rake in loads of money for charity! Check out the video below, and go and visit to find out how you can help.

OMG! We need some video design like this!

Have you just watched all of this and thought that you, or your company need a video like this?
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