Jonathan Wilkinson Photography

Posted: 26-06-18

Friend and photographer Jonathan needed a website to show off some of his amazing work and blog to share his thoughts with the world. It needed to be easy to add new content and completely mobile friendly

The Website

I used WordPress as the base for the site. It's very well maintained content management system and has an easy to understand back end. Making the creation of new content simple for the end user. Like every site, it was important that it worked beautifully on mobile devices. To help with this I used the BootStrap CSS/JS libraries because they have loads of pre-made styles that make developing for mobiles lot easier than it used to be!


For the photo pages there was a need to show the photographic data, as well as the image itself. In the back end I created a custom panel where the user can add in all the appropriate information, this is then displayed on the page along with some icons.

Check it out

You can try out the scorer below if you have Flash enabled. Unfortunately this won't work on mobile, so if you want to try it you will have to use a PC. For those worried about the security (one of the main reasons for the demise of Flash) then I can only assure you that it's safe and is exactly what I described. You must hit enter after each turn or the score will not be recorded.

scoreboard darts scorer gamescreen the dartboard