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Posted: 26-06-18

Mountain Fencing required a single page, mobile friendly website design that showed off all of the fencing and gardening services the company offered. Testimonials from customers and memberships of trade organisations were also very important. As this was a new business, branding was also required for both the website, print advertising and van graphics.

Custom plugin

Customer feedback is very important in any trade. It was essential the website could show the latest scores from Checkatrade. There is no plugin available to show these scores so we had to build it ourselves. We created a special Checkatrade custom plugin that can be placed anywhere in the website using a wordpress widget. The plugin allows Mountain Fencing to display the very latest reviews and scores from Checkatrade, and it updates itself on each refresh of the page. The custom plugin also links directly to Mountain Fencing's Checkatrade page giving potential clients access to all of their reviews.

Leaflet Design

We know it can be a pain getting leaflets all the time, which is why we wanted to add something useful to the one we created for Mountain Fencing. Useful enough to deserve a place on the fridge! After some discussion with Mountain Fencing, we came up with the idea for a winter gardening calendar. A handy little guide for anyone interested in gardening.

The Website

Mountain Fencing were very clear that they needed to show some of the great work they had done. Contact details needed to be available to the website visitor wherever they were on the site. A client controlled gallery was added and also a testimonial section to share some reviews. The services area features a unique icon set for easier recognition. Mountain Fencing also needed a way to show off all of their latest work. We created a blog template with social sharing buttons to make it easy for them to create and share their newest projects. Finally on the page we added a simple contact form, adding to all the other contact details available, giving potential clients numerous ways to get in touch.

a Wordpress plugin that lets you display you checkatrade ratings Leaflet design Mountain Fencing - before and after


Mountain Fencing were super happy with the end results and within weeks of it being online started getting calls and emails asking for quotes. The website should take care of itself now, with a little maintenance every now and then, and a few SEO tweaks the site should continue to perform for a decent period of time. But just don't take our word for it... Here's what they said...

"They took on board everything that we wanted on our website and implemented it quickly and perfectly. We are so happy with the end result and we are now even on the first page of Google in our field." James Montana - Mountain Fencing
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