Plugin : Display your Checkatrade ratings

Posted: 26-06-18

Checkatrade is a ratings and review site used by tradesmen in the UK to provide ratings from their customers. The businesses are given strict background checks, and all reviews are checked to ensure potential customers get the service they asked for. It's a very popular service in the UK and is used by almost all tradesmen as a badge of trust. This Wordpress plugin let's you add your own reviews to your website.

What does it do?

If you're a tradesman in the UK you will most likely have your own checkatrade page. You will know how valued the reviews are for getting more customers. Currently, the only way to see this information is to visit the checkatrade page for that business. If you have your own website (as many tradesman do) being able to show your checkatrade score on your front page is a difficult process.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could just install a plugin, type in your business name and have those results just pop up on your front page, always updated?
That's why I created this FREE plugin to allow businesses to easily add this information to their Wordpress websites.

How to get the plugin

There are two ways to download. Visit the Wordpress plugins page and download from there, or alternatively you can log in to your Wordpress site, head to Plugins->Add New and do a search for "checkatrade" (you'll only get the one result!). You can install it directly from there and just activate it when it's finished.

If you downloaded instead...

...Simply unzip the plugin files and then upload them to your Wordpress plugins directory. Login to your admin site, navigate to the 'Plugins' section and then activate the Display your Checkatrade plugin. Now go to 'Appearance-->Widgets' where you can drag and drop your new widget into any sidebar that you choose. Please be aware that we cannot change the orientation of the widget so adding it to a footer or header will produce unwanted effects.

Wordpress checkatrade plugin

Got a comment?

If you've got an idea to make the plugin better, or would like to chat about any other projects then please visit my contact page and send me a message!